Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Books

Two friends in my writing group in North Lancashire have books out on Amazon Kindle. They are both debut books and well worth a read.

Lynne Freeman's book is Out In The Sticks.

Sara is a young girl straight from High School with a passion for animals. She goes to work at a boarding kennels in Cumbria with a menagerie of creatures in her care.

This funny, sometimes moving book is full of lively anecdotes about country life among the animals, some sad, some surprising and some just plain silly. All of them are true.

Buy It Here

Lynne Whelon's book is The Chicken Run.

Kate Potter has kept her secrets from the past but they keep coming back to haunt her. She is now living on an estate in East London with her husband Alfie and son Jimmy.

The kids and the adults on the estate lead almost separate lives. But then the colourful imagination of the kids clashes with the monotonous reality of adulthood in post-war London and events begin to take a sinister turn.

Buy It Here

Times are hard and both of these books would make ideal, affordable and highly entertaining stocking fillers for friends, family and colleagues. As well you will be supporting new writers who are driven by their love of writing.